We just opened a new hostel, ”Guest House TRACE”!!!

Welcome to the homepage of Guest House TRACE.

My name is Yuko TAGAWA and I am the Representative Director here at TRACE.

I truly enjoyed getting to know people from other countries with different backgrounds. Having spent time back packing during my youth and throughout my professional career in both the hotel and airline industries. At the same time, I became proud of being Japanese and had the desire to introduce our wonderful country to visitors from abroad.

We wish Guest House TRACE will serve you as a place to enjoy your stay in Japan and where you can meet other travelers who love Japan. Our Guest House was named “TRACE” as it will be a place where you can leave your footprints in Japan.

Our dream is to provide a place where you can feet the “real” Japan, though organized seasonal or cultural events.Let us know how we can help to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

We are all look forward to welcoming you to the Guest House TRACE.

Yuko TAGAWA, June, 2017